Monday, March 15, 2010

David Frasher served as the City Manager of Grants Pass and the City Administrator of Oak Grove and Ashland

David Frasher served as the City Manager of Grants Pass from October 2005 to August 2009. During his tenure, David Frasher was successful in improving relationships with employee labor groups, avoiding costly arbitration while successfully negotiating new contracts with significant savings for the municipality. David Frasher’s staff loved and respected him and enjoyed working with him. As the City Manager of Grants Pass, David Frasher was responsible for daily operations of all municipal departments including administration, finance, police/fire, public works, community development, human resources. He performed his duties with complete dedication, hard work, and commitment. David Frasher was the City Administrator of Oak Groove from 1999 to 2001. During his tenure as the City Administrator, he implemented a customer service training certification program for all staff members. During his four-year tenure as the City Administrator of Ashland, David Frasher brought landmark changes to the community that are paying dividends still today. He managed development and adoption of a new "Smart Growth" Comprehensive Plan that was chosen as the best in the State of Wisconsin by the American Planning Association.

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